Conditions of Use

We are a small family company. If you share materials from our company, not only are you violating copyright laws, you are also shoplifting from us. This IS my only income. I don't shoplift from you -- please respect me enough to follow our copyright restrictions!

You may NOT share, sell, resell, compile, upload, or otherwise distribute ANY electronic material (manuals, designs, tutorials, files, etc.) in their original OR modified format, received from us via CD or download in any way, shape, or form. We vigorously defend our copyright and will prosecute violators.

You MAY, for YOUR personal use, print a copy and/or make one backup copy for archival purposes. This backup/printed copies may not be shared or otherwise distributed to any third person/party. You MAY, for YOUR personal use, use our manuals, designs, lessons/tutorials, etc. on more than one computer as long as it is for YOUR use.

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